To the average homeowner, plumbing and HVAC are two totally different specialties, and in many respects, they definitely are. After all, an HVAC technician tends to things relative to the heating and air conditioning systems in the house, while the plumber focuses on things related to water. However different the two professionals may seem, they do share some commonalities, and sometimes, the two seemingly different worlds do combine. This is why it is fairly easy to find an HVAC technician who is also a licensed plumber. Take a look at the top advantages of finding one of these professionals that holds HVAC and plumbing certifications. 

A plumber/HVAC technician can tackle water problems within your HVAC system. 

There are several types of HVAC systems that actually rely on water to function. For example, boiler systems rely on heated water and steam to keep your house warm and provide you with hot water. One of the greatest advantages of working with a professional with both HVAC and plumbing skills is the fact that they an tackle these types of systems without batting an eye because they are familiar with both functions. If your boiler system has a water leak, it can be repaired. On the same note, if the boiler is not functioning as it should,, it can be repaired. 

A plumber/HVAC technician can cut costs that would be associated with hiring two different people. 

If you have one of these dually trained professionals come to your home for help with either plumbing fixtures or your HVAC system, they can just as easily change gears and work on something else if needed. For example, if you have issues with your hot water heater and want the technician to also do general maintenance on your HVAC system during the same house call, they can do so. Because the services are combined, you could potentially save some money. 

A plumber/HVAC technician can help with various home appliances. 

Think about appliances like your clothes dryer or dishwasher. These appliances have totally variating functions and actions, but both involve similar components, such as electrical wiring, forced heat, and cycling of functions. Because an HVAC/plumbing technician is familiar with things like electrical design, heating elements, and water lines, they can easily tackle problems you are having with your home appliances most of the time. So whether it is your washing machine or refrigerator, this professional can most likely help you with general problems and solutions. Contact a plumbing company, like AAA Home Services, to get started.