Your AC unit comes with fins that will become bent over time. For the AC unit to function efficiently, it is necessary that the fins on the unit remain straight. For this reason, it is important to include the straightening of AC fins as part of an AC maintenance process.

Getting Started

Straightening HVAC fins begins with performing an inspection of the unit. That way, you will be able to locate any fins that are bent and must be straightened before selecting your tool. Fortunately, there are commercial tools that will allow you to straighten AC fins. You can also use a butter knife to straighten the fins. When straightening the fins, make sure that the tubing that is found in the fins is not damaged through the process. 

Another tool that can be used to straighten HVAC fins is a fin comb. The most advanced fin combs have a head that comes with different parts that are designed to straighten fins that have different widths. If you would like to purchase a less expensive fin comb, make sure that the comb fits with the width of your fins.

Accessing The Fins

In order to maintain the HVAC fins, you will need to remove the back cover to access them. In order to remove the back cover, you will need to use a screwdriver that can loosen the screws and allow you to remove the back cover. There may be gravity clips instead that allow the cover to be pulled off or pushed back on without the need for a tool. 

Straightening The Fin

The correct-sized fin comb is placed over the fin. Start at the top and pull the fin comb all the way down. The fin comb will automatically straighten any bent parts of the fin. The benefit of the fin comb over other tools, such as a butter knife, is that the fin comb requires less effort and thought. With a knife, you need to determine how much pressure must be applied to which part of the fin in order to correctly straighten it.

You may have more problems with your HVAC unit than the fins. if this is the case, it might be better to hire an HVAC service that will provide AC maintenance, such as Liberty Comfort Systems. In addition to straightening the fins, the maintenance service can carry out other tasks such as replacing the refrigerant and replacing capacitors.