Having maintenance and repairs done to your HVAC system can be costly. If you do not have proper maintenance done to the heat pump, this can lead to costly repairs that require professional help. Therefore, you will want to know how to do some of the maintenance of your HVAC on your own. Here are some DIY heat pump maintenance tips that will help you save on maintenance and repairs:

1. Safety First: Turning Off the Power Before Beginning Heat Pump Maintenance

Before you get started with maintenance for your heat pump, you are going to want to turn it off. Usually, there is a separate power box for the unit with an on and off switch outside. If the main power to the unit is not located outside, then it is probably inside your home inside or near the breaker box. Make sure you know where the power is and have it clearly marked, which will also help in case there is a problem and you need to shut it off for maintenance.

2. Keeping the Unit Clean and Protected from Outdoor Debris That Causes Damage

Most heat pump units for HVAC systems are located outdoors, which means that are exposed to debris and problems with foreign materials. Keeping the unit clean will help to prevent damage and prolong the life of your unit. If you have trees near your unit, make sure to keep them trimmed and clean the debris from the unit. You may also want to consider building a protective enclosure with fencing materials, which will help protect it and hide the unit, which may be an unsightly addition to your landscaping.

3. Checking the Wiring and Electric Components for Damage and Repairing Them

The wiring and electrical components of your system are another areas where you will want to do simple maintenance. The wires of the unit are subject to problems like heat damage, which you will want to inspect and repair. In addition, check all the connections of your system for problems due to corrections. You can also check capacitors with a voltage multi-meter or contact an HVAC technician for help if you have an older system.

These are a few DIY heat pump maintenance tips to help you save on the cost of repairs and maintenance. If you need help with repairs and improvements, contact an HVAC contractor, such as Environmental  Matters HVAC LLC, to ensure your heat pump is in good shape.