Waking up shivering is not a good thing when you set your heating thermostat before you went to bed. If you wake up shivering and feeling cold, there is a good likelihood that your heater is not running appropriately. During the day when you are heading off to work and the kids are headed to school, you will be able to deal with this much easier. When it is the middle of the night, everyone waking up due to being cold is much harder. Here is what you should do if your heating fails in the middle of the night. 

Get everyone in the same room

If possible, get everyone in the same room once you realize that the heater has failed. This will help you to keep an eye on everyone, including children and pets who are more prone to freezing. Be sure that everyone is properly wrapped in blankets and that the windows are sealed in the room. This will also help conduct body heat, which will make a room warmer. The bedroom with the largest bed is the best place to have everyone congregate in the middle of the night. If you have a heated blanket or a portable heater, bring this into the room to keep everyone warm. 

Start running all of the taps immediately

All water pipes need to start a slow drip so that you will not have to deal with frozen pipes along with a cold house. Turn all faucets and tubs so that a little bit of water is dripping out at a time. This will stop the pipes from becoming frozen. Be sure to turn the water on the lukewarm setting when you turn on all of the taps. If possible, turn on a load of laundry also to make sure that the washer tap remains in working condition as well. Once the heating is repaired, you should check to make sure all of the faucets can run water properly before shutting them off. 

Call a 24/7 heating service

Some heating services offer 24/7 appointments. Some even operate after-hours and can dispatch someone to be to your home before you leave for work. After-hours heating services may offer emergency calls and dispatch a heating technician immediately for an added fee. If it is in the dead of winter and your house temperature is dropping, hiring a heating service that can come immediately will keep your family healthy and keep the pipes in your home from freezing.