Not all air conditioning systems are created equal. While an ordinary split air conditioning system can cool off the average home with little effort, commercial and industrial buildings have greater cooling demands that can easily overwhelm systems designed for residential use.

When you have larger spaces, more occupants and sensitive equipment to keep cool, it's easy to see why an off-the-shelf residential solution can easily fall short of your building's cooling needs -- that's where having a commercial air conditioning system comes in handy.

Most commercial A/C systems come as rooftop-mounted packaged units, taking advantage of the flat roofing systems that most commercial and industrial buildings have. As it turns out, there are plenty of good reasons why you'd want to go with a rooftop A/C unit for your building's cooling needs.

All-in-One Packaging

As the name implies, packaged A/C systems house all of the components needed for a typical A/C system inside a single cabinet. It's a drastic departure from the indoor air handler and outdoor cabinet setup used on countless split A/C systems. This "all-in-one" packaging ensures a tidy, compact form factor that won't clutter your rooftop with excess lines and electrical conduits.

Not only are there fewer connections needed for a packaged A/C unit, but these systems also require less installation space and fewer mounting points than a comparable split system. These features eliminate clutter and reduce the number of holes left behind from mounting the unit.

Easier Access

Not every business can afford to close temporarily for HVAC repairs. Cordoning off enough space for technicians to work can also interfere with floor traffic and inconvenience customers and employees alike. Keeping the physical A/C unit in an out-of-the-way spot can help mitigate these issues. For these reasons, the rooftop offers the perfect place for your packaged A/C unit to reside.

A rooftop installation gives your HVAC technicians easier access to your A/C unit without disturbing customers or employees below. Your technicians will have more room to move around as they inspect and make repairs on your A/C unit.

Better Efficiency

When you have a commercial or industrial building with big-time cooling demands and an equally large cooling bill, energy efficiency takes center stage alongside cooling performance. Split A/C systems can experience energy efficiency losses simply from the connections between each unit.

With everything contained inside a single cabinet, packaged A/C systems avoid these losses. The end result is an A/C system that offers better energy efficiency than a comparable split A/C system.

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