If your air conditioning system suddenly stops working, you could be in for a nightmare of a day or two until you get the unit fixed or get a replacement. If you want to try and fix your air conditioner yourself before calling a local ac repair services company, here are a few tips that might help.

Check Your Breakers

If your air conditioner won't turn on at all, the typical first troubleshooting step is to make sure it's still plugged in, but we'll assume you're smart enough to have checked that already. A less obvious problem that you might not have thought of is your breaker box. Air conditioners that see heavy use have been known to trip a breaker from time to time. Check your breakers before you assume the problem is with the AC unit itself.

Cleaning Is Key

If the air conditioner turns on but does not seem to be effective, you might have too much gunk built up inside it. Start with your air filter, being sure to replace it every couple months or more frequently when under heavy use. Beyond that, don't forget to open up the unit, exposing the coils so that you can give them a complete wipe down. Your air filter and coils are key if you want an efficient unit, and too much dirt and grime in these areas could make the entire system feel very sluggish.

Check Your Vents and Keep Nature at Bay

If your air conditioner is not a window unit but rather provides central air, your next step should be to check your indoor vents. These vents can accumulate dirt just like the unit itself. And who knows, maybe it's a little too warm because you simply forgot to reopen all of the vents throughout your home. As for the outside unit, you will want to clean the coils just like you would for a window unit, but you should also pay attention to the surrounding area. If you have weeds or other shrubbery growing too close to the unit, the foliage could affect the efficiency of your unit just as much as dirt and grime.

If your air conditioner is not working properly, take your time cleaning the unit in an attempt to restore optimal efficiency. If this doesn't do the trick, reach out to a local air conditioning specialist to take a closer look at the problem.