The air conditioning unit in your home is responsible for lowering the temperature inside your home. Unfortunately, it will not always work correctly. Here are several common problems you might face with your AC unit and ways to address them. 

1. Dirty Air Filter 

After a while, the filter that corresponds to your air conditioner may get dirty. You may neglect to change this filter, and then after a while, your energy bills start going up. This is because dirt and debris are collecting in your HVAC system -- making it work harder than it should. 

The solution to a dirty air filter is simple: change it out. You will need to change your filter every couple of months, depending on the square footage total of your home. When performing this replacement, make sure the new filter has the appropriate dimensions. Otherwise, you won't be able to find the proper fit.

2. Faulty Thermostat 

If your thermostat is more than a few years old, it may not be functioning correctly. You'll know right away that your thermostat is bad if you go to turn it on and nothing happens. Replacing this thermostat yourself could prove dangerous, so you should always contact an HVAC repair technician to carry out the installation.

You can either buy a new thermostat online or purchase directly from the HVAC company you're hiring to carry out the installation. Once the replacement is complete, the HVAC repair technician will run a series of tests to make sure the new thermostat is functioning correctly.

3. Leaking Drain Pan 

The drain pan is designed to collect water that comes from your HVAC system. The only reason this pan would overflow is if the drain line becomes clogged. You'll notice this problem right away because water will start leaking from the drain pain.

To counteract this problem, you'll need to de-clog the drain line. You can generally perform this step using a shop vacuum, one with high-powered suction. If that doesn't work, then an HVAC repair technician can bring out their specialty pumps. They work quickly and won't cause any damage to your property.

Dealing with AC repairs may cause you a lot of stress. If you can accept them for what they are and take a proactive stance when dealing with them, you can do your HVAC system and home a lot of good. Fixing these AC problems early on can actually save you a lot of money. For more information, contact your local air conditioning repair service.