If the heater in your house has stopped working and/or needs repairs that would cost almost as much as buying a new one, it is time to contact a professional to help you choose the new unit. While you could go to an appliance store and pick one out yourself, having someone experienced in HVAC help you from the get-go is the only way to ensure you end up with a furnace that will keep your home at a comfortable temperature without wasting fuel. Here are a few things you should know when choosing the unit and having it installed.

Energy Efficiency

While every model will have an energy efficiency rating, the rating will depend on whether it is installed in the right size house and that it is installed correctly. The technician should ask many questions about your home and may even want to come to see it before making a recommendation. The more information they have, the better the furnace you will get and the more money you will save on fuel.

Removing the Old Unit

Taking out the old furnace is going to need to be done before they can install the new one. You need to ask them if they will dispose of the old unit or if you will need to make arrangements to have it picked up. You may be able to get a few dollars for it at salvage or scrap yard. However, this will mean you need to have a truck to haul it there. The installation company may also give you a discount or rebate if you allow them to take it so be sure to ask these questions before making any final arrangements.

Clear the Way

Moving the old furnace out and the new one in is going to require a clear pathway. Make sure the technician has room to work around it too. If the unit is in a small closet, you may want to take the door off before the professional arrives to give them adequate space to maneuver everything.

While it will not be necessary for you to be there for the whole installation, it is a good idea to stick around in case the tech has any questions. The job may take many hours, so be prepared to spend the whole day there. Since the heat will be off, have some spare blankets or extra clothes available for anyone in the house.

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