Your residential heating system should be checked at least once a year to make sure it is efficient. When you have a furnace, you can extend the life of your furnace when you get routine maintenance done every year. You can expect a furnace to last from 15-20 years, and that is with good care. If you have your furnace tested, you may learn that it is running efficiently even though it is getting older. When you run a furnace that is no longer efficient, it is going to cost you too much money in heating fuel every month to be worth it. A furnace older than 20 years should be replaced when repairs are necessary to avoid wasting your money.

Get Your System Serviced Before the Weather is Cold

You might turn on your heat a few times before getting it serviced, but don't wait until the weather is cold to call your HVAC contractor for service. When you wait, you are at a higher risk of having your system break down right when you need it. If you call early enough for an appointment, you'll be able to reach your HVAC contractor at a time when they aren't as busy as when systems are running constantly.

Know the Efficiency of Your Heating System

The more efficient your heating system is, the cheaper it is going to be to keep your home warm and comfortable. When you get your furnace tuned up for the season, your technician will measure how efficient it is. Once the efficiency level is acceptable, you can also optimize your heating system by keeping your thermostat at an even temperature and running ceiling fans to circulate air throughout your home.

Pay Attention to Strange Noises

If you turn on your heat and you hear noises that are out of the ordinary, turn your system back off. While your system may make noise when it runs, anything loud or new should be investigated. If you hear a loud bang, this can be your air ducts as they expand when hot air blows through them. If you hear squealing or a loud explosive type sound, get your system checked right away.

Heating system maintenance allows you to have a system that is efficient, costing you less money to run each month. Pay attention to odd noises, and keep the air circulating in your home for maximum system efficiency.