You have probably heard that your air conditioner's filters need to be clean all the time, but do you know the reasons for the advice? Here are some of the benefits of clean AC filters.

Improved Cooling

Efficient airflow is integral to an AC's operations. Warm air needs to move out of the rooms to the AC system so it can be cooled. Cool air needs to move from the AC into the desired rooms. The filter plays a role in the efficiency of air flow since it cleans the air that enters the AC system.

If the filter is dirty, it restricts the volume of air entering the AC for cooling, and hence the volume of cool air available to regulate your indoor temperature. Thus, you need to keep the filter clean if you want to enjoy comfortable temperatures even when the outside temperature is hot.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The AC uses electricity to keep the motor running, fan revolving, and refrigerant circulating, among other things. The more the AC works or runs, the higher the amount of electrical energy it consumes. This leads to energy inefficiency, which is bad both for your pocket (in terms of high energy bills) and for the environment.

The air filter plays a huge role in AC energy efficiency. If the air filter is dirty, the cooling efficiency reduces as explained above. If the AC can't cool your house effectively, the AC will continue running in a bid to lower the temperature further. Thus, a dirty filter increases the AC's runtime (and electricity usage), and a clean filter helps the AC run shorter cycles and consume minimum energy.

Improved AC Durability

The AC is an electromechanical (has both electrical and mechanical parts) system. The more the mechanical parts run, the more they are likely to break down. This is because the moving parts experience more wear and tear, due to friction and heating (among other things), when they run than when they are dormant. Keeping the filter clean ensures the AC runs normal cycles and doesn't experience frequent repairs or a shortened lifetime.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

The filter cleans the air not only for your AC but also for the members of your household. The same air that cools your home is the same air you breathe in your household. If the filter doesn't clean the air effectively, you might breathe in polluted air and experience the related complications. Thus, a clean AC filter is also integral to your health and the health of others in your house.

If you need help cleaning or replacing your filter, contact local air conditioning services