One of the most frustrating things to encounter is a furnace that blows cold air when it's freezing outside. Or you may find that it's not even working at all. The good news is that it is easy to fix the issue. You can see if your furnace will warm up after a few minutes, replace your air filter, or check to notice if your pilot light is out. But sometimes the problems fall outside these solutions and you have to call a gas furnace repair service to get help.

Clogged Air Filter

A dirty air filter will stop all airflow into the furnace. The restricted airflow can cause the furnace to overheat and activate a safety control to turn off the burners. A safety control is a tool that stops your furnace from overheating. You should replace the old filter with a clean or new one. After the airflow is no longer blocked, the furnace won't overheat and will work properly again. 

Furnace Needs to Warm Up

If there is a blast of chill air when you first turn your heater on, you might have to wait a few moments before it blows warm air out. It's typical for cool air to come out of the vents before the warmer air. Furnaces are like faucets in that you will receive cold water for a bit before warm water. Your furnaces have to push out the colder air before it reaches the warm air. But if warm air doesn't move out after a few minutes then that might show that something in your furnace isn't working and it's time to schedule a visit from an HVAC professional.

Pilot Light Has Gone Out

When you have an older gas furnace and you are only getting cold air when you turn the heat on, then it could mean that the pilot light is out. You can read the manufacturer's directions for how to safely reignite your pilot light if you feel that you can do it yourself. Or you can schedule a service call for your utility company or for an HVAC technician to help you light it safely. But keep in mind that the pilot light might go out again so it might need routine maintenance. Also, the copper rod that the flame hits could be damaged. Your HVAC technician will replace it or modify it for you.

If you're still having trouble with cold air, there could be a serious underlying issue with your furnace. A circuit board could be glitching, something could have turned your gas supply off, or there could be leaks in your air ducts. An HVAC furnace technician can fix these issues and restore your furnace's efficiency as soon as possible for you.