If you want to have efficient cooling for your home next summer, there are a lot of options to consider. One of the most affordable and less time-consuming options to consider for the installation of a new cooling system is ductless AC. The following options for ductless HVAC are some of the choices you will want to consider before next summer: 

Heat Pump Ductless AC Systems That Can Do More Than Provide Cooling for Your Home  

One of the first options that you will want to consider for a ductless AC installation is a system that can also provide heating for your home. This can be done by having a heat pump ductless HVAC system installed. The heat pump is a high-efficiency AC that can work in reverse to provide heating during winter weather to provide efficient heating for your home in winter and efficient cooling during the hot summer months.  

Single Units to Provide Cooling for Smaller Homes and Small Open Areas That Need AC  

Sometimes, the design of your home may only call for a single ductless AC unit to provide the cooling that is needed. This can be done for homes that are smaller or have an open design where the air needed to cool your home can circulate freely.  

Mini-Split Ductless HVAC Systems That Make It Possible to Cool Average-Sized Homes  

The ductless AC you have installed in your home can also provide cooling with a modern zoned-design. This is done with a mini-split system that has one condensing unit and multiple air handlers inside your home. Mini-split systems are only going to be powerful enough to provide cooling for small to average-sized homes, and if you have more space to cool, you may need to have multiple smaller ductless systems installed to provide the cooling for your home.  

Using Multiple Mini-Split Systems to Provide Zoned AC for Homes with Multiple Floors  

There are also options for systems that are zoned and provide cooling for multiple floors. These systems can sometimes be a single mini-split system, but they may also require a design that includes multiple systems when there is more cubic space that needs cooling. This can also be an ideal solution to add AC to areas like basements, garages, and additions in your home.  

These are some of the ductless HVAC options you will want to consider before next summer and the first summer heatwave. If you are ready to improve your home with an energy-efficient cooling system, contact an AC installation company like Extreme Climates and talk to them about some of these options for a ductless system for your home.