When your AC is not cooling the home as it should, this is often a problem with restricted airflow. The air coming out of the vents may be warm, too, which could mean there are other problems with your air conditioner. No matter what the cause of the problem is, you want to find the solution to get your home cool and comfortable again during summer heatwaves. The following AC problems could be the reasons why your system has restricted airflow and your home is not cool during hot weather:

The First Problems To Check For Are With Air Filters And AC Ductwork That Has Air Leaks

Before you start checking other problems that could be causing the restricted airflow, you will want to change the air filter. In addition, check the ductwork for damage and problems like pinched flexible ducts that cause issues with restricted airflow and the AC not cooling your home. You should inspect the ductwork for damage and problems every time the HVAC is serviced to catch these problems before they cause problems with your heating and cooling.

Worn Or Damaged Blower That Is Causing The Airflow To Be Insufficient For The AC To Cool Your Home

The blower of your AC can also be damaged or worn and can cause problems with restricted airflow. Sometimes, this can be due to the blower being dirty or full of debris, and cleaning it may solve the problem. It could also be due to the motor of the blower wearing down and not working as efficiently as it used to. If the blower is making noise, then you can be sure that this is the cause of the problem, and you will want to contact an AC repair service to fix the blower.

Problems With AC Components Freezing That Cause Warm Air And Reduced Airflow Coming From Vents

The AC components like the compressor and condensing coils can freeze when they get dirty and moisture collects on them. This can cause a serious problem during summer weather with air not circulating when it should or warm air blowing out of the vents. Thaw your AC by turning it off for several hours and calling an AC repair service for help fixing this problem and servicing your air conditioner.

Issues With Closed Vents And Dirty Ducts That Cause The Airflow To Be Restricted And Your Home To Be Warmer Instead Of Cooler

The vents of your HVAC system can be closed or adjusted for heating or cooling when you need it. This can cause a problem when your AC is trying to cool your home and the vents are closed or the dampers have not been adjusted. In addition, there can also be problems with dust and buildup inside the ductwork that can restrict airflow and cause the system to not cool your home as it should.

These are some of the reasons why your system could have restricted airflow and why your home is not as cool as it should be. If you are having problems with the AC in your home, contact an AC system maintenance and repair service to fix the problem and keep your home comfortable through the summer heat.