Do you need to hire a contractor for an air conditioning repair? HVAC repair is an essential service that doesn't stop because of a pandemic. If you have health-related concerns, take a look at the top questions to ask before you hire a new HVAC company.

Should You Wait to Schedule an AC Repair?

Your system won't cool properly, makes an odd noise, has an off odor, or refuses to turn on. Can a potential AC problem wait for a repair? What may seem like a minor issue can turn into a complete system failure, leaving you without home cooling. Don't risk additional damage and an uncomfortable summer.

Air conditioner repairs shouldn't wait days, weeks, or months. Contact the contractor as soon as you notice a problem. A quality contractor can safely evaluate your AC unit and complete an air conditioning system repair.

Can You Skip Regular AC Maintenance?

Routine annual maintenance can help your AC system work at peak performance. If safety and health issues give you pause, consider what can happen to your air conditioner if you miss your regular pre- or post-season appointment.

Clogged filters, dirty ducts, and wear and tear can impact indoor air quality. Along with pet fur, dirt, dust, and other debris, a clogged system can recirculate microorganisms (such as viral particles) around your home. Annual maintenance can improve your HVAC system's ability to remove these particles from the air. This can increase the quality of your indoor air and make your home a safer place.

What Type of Contact Does the Contractor Have with Customers?

Contactless services are the new normal. The pizza delivery person can leave your order on the porch, but the HVAC technician needs to come into your home. If this makes you nervous, the contractor can calm your anxiety with an explanation of the company's safety protocols.

While the technician needs to come into direct contact with your air conditioner, they don't need to come within six feet of you or your family. A quality HVAC contractor will instruct all technicians on proper social distancing practices. This means you can look forward to a safe, comfortable service experience.

What Else Will the Contractor Do to Make You Feel Comfortable?

Along with maintaining adequate distance, what else can the contractor do to make you feel more comfortable about an AC repair or routine service? Ask the company if the technician will wear a face mask, gloves, shoe covers, or other protective equipment. These protective items can reduce the spread of disease and add a sense of comfort for both the customer and the technician.

To learn more, contact an air conditioning repair contractor.