In order for your home's furnace to work properly, the thermostat that it corresponds to needs to be working optimally. It will not always perform great, unfortunately. These issues can happen, and when they do, here's what you need to do about them.

Low Battery

If your thermostat is powered by batteries, then you'll need to replace them at the right intervals. Neglecting to do this will cause the batteries to run low and that can prevent the thermostat from properly communicating with your furnace.

Fortunately, addressing battery problems isn't that difficult and doesn't require a special set of skills. You just need to find a replacement set of batteries and set them up. 

So that you're not having to change the thermostat's batteries over and over, get a set with a long-lasting design. They will be more expensive, but they'll keep your thermostat powered for months and months without any issues. 

Faulty Transformer

An integral component for thermostats to work correctly with your furnace is the transformer. It converts voltage from the thermostat to energy that makes it run. It can't do this if the transformer is faulty, though.

You don't want to check this component because if you make a mistake, you could get shocked. Instead, have a professional that is experienced with thermostats look at yours and the corresponding transformer. 

They'll use a multi-tester to see what the issue is. If it indeed is faulty, no repair can fix it, so the technician will set up a new transformer in its place. 

Damaged Wiring

If you open up your home's thermostat, you'll see wires connecting components together. Sometimes these wires can damage over the years and subsequently prevent your thermostat from sending a signal to the furnace.

If you believe this has happened to your thermostat, hire a skilled contractor that knows how to competently work with these electrical components. They can repair damaged wires using the correct protocol and materials, ensuring the repair is capable of holding up for a long time safely. 

After they're done with the repair, they'll test the thermostat to confirm it's working like it should before leaving.

Thermostats need to be in working order for your furnace to also work great during the cold season. If you're faced with a thermostat issue, proceed with caution and hire a professional if the repair seems like it involves a lot of technical skills or specialized equipment.

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