When the hot season ends and the cold season starts, people start staying indoors more often. They keep their doors and windows locked for longer periods of the day, and the house gets stuffy. Additionally, fall is a season when a lot of debris is falling off the trees, and this gives your AC unit a harder time keeping the air clean and fresh inside the home. Overworking the system in the fall might lead to a stuffy and uncomfortable winter.

You should learn to watch out for the obvious signs of a failing AC to avoid things getting complicated when you are least prepared. Here are three smart ways in which you can tell that you need to tune up your AC.

1. When the House Has Strange Smells

Funny smells inside the home may be caused by mold in the system. Mold typically grows because of poor moisture elimination from the ductwork. The moisture and warmth create excellent breeding grounds for mold, and when it starts producing spores, they get distributed throughout the house, causing allergies.

It is advisable to get an HVAC contractor to check your unit as soon as you notice odd smells. Ignoring the problem can lead to serious issues, such as mold poisoning.

2. When You Are Having a Hard Time Starting the Unit

A new AC unit is easy to manage. You can turn it on and off at will. However, if you have had your AC for many years, certain parts may have suffered the normal wear and tear. The problems are caused by damaged wires, disconnected switches, faulty thermostats, and other issues.

Allow professional HVAC technicians to access your unit and check the parts that could be broken. They will figure out whether the unit is worth repairs or you should have it replaced.

3. When There Is Too Much Heat in the House

When your AC is working well, it should draw in the warm and stuffy air from inside the house when it is warm, pass it through the condensers, and cool it down. If the coils or any other parts are broken, cooling will be affected, and you will start feeling hot and stuffy even when the AC is on.

Other signs of trouble with your AC include persistent funny noises and water dripping from the unit's rear end. Call in an air conditioning repair contractor as soon as you experience these signs for timely AC repair and maintenance services. For more information on air conditioning services for your AC, contact a local professional.