If you don't feel comfortable checking your furnace to see if it's dirty or has other problems, you can rely on other factors to determine when you need to call a residential heating repair service. You don't need to know exactly what's wrong with your furnace to know it isn't working right. Here are signs your furnace could have something wrong and needs to be repaired.

1. When You're Always Cold

If your furnace isn't keeping you warm and it used to do a better job at warming your house, the furnace may need repairs. Your furnace may be turning on and off, but the flow could be weak. The flow could be strong, but the air doesn't feel as hot. You don't want to pay heating bills every month and still feel cold in your house. A heating repair service can pinpoint the problem and make the furnace repairs needed so you stay snug and warm.

2. When Your Furnace Runs All The Time

If it's colder than usual, your furnace may need to run longer. However, if your furnace runs longer than it used to during typical climate conditions, that could signal something is wrong. When your furnace runs longer, your power bills will probably be elevated too, and that can validate your concerns that something is wrong with your furnace.

Call a residential heating repair service to check your furnace to determine the problem. Your furnace might just be dirty and need to be cleaned out. There might also be a problem with the thermostat that keeps the furnace from triggering off like it should.

3. When You See Water Or Rust On Your Furnace

If you have a high-efficiency furnace, condensation may develop. When it does, it's supposed to drain away or turn into vapor and waft up the flue. If water ever collects under your furnace or if rust develops on your furnace, call a repair company right away.

Rust can eat away at the metal, and that could lead to expensive repairs. Water that isn't draining properly can pose a problem with your furnace, such as cracking and rusting that let carbon monoxide escape in your home.

4. When You Hear Odd Noises Coming From The Furnace

Your heating repair technician might tell what's wrong with your furnace by listening to the sounds it makes, but all you may know is that your furnace sounds different.

It's good to have your furnace checked when it makes unusual noises because if your furnace has a bad part or is malfunctioning, the issue could damage your furnace, and then you'll have more expensive problems to repair.