When you are ready to replace your outdated air conditioner, there are a lot of replacement options to consider. Before you decide on the best AC installation for your home, you probably want to know more about the best energy-efficient solutions for different needs. The following AC installation information will help you choose the best solution to give your home energy-efficient cooling this summer:

AC Heat Pump HVAC Systems

Today, AC heat pumps are a popular solution to replace outdated air conditioning. These systems are the perfect solution if you want to replace your AC and outdated furnace. They work best in milder climates where they can be used for heating and cooling solutions. If you are considering an AC heat pump installation, you will get more from your investment if you use it for heating and cooling. If you don't want to replace your heating, another solution may be better to update the air conditioning in your home.

Hybrid Systems With Evaporative Cooling

Another modern cooling system design is a hybrid air conditioner and evaporative cooling system. These systems work great in areas that have frequent hot and dry weather but also have humid weather during certain times of the year. These systems will use evaporative cooling when the weather is dry and can use the conventional AC system when the weather is too humid. They provide a versatile and energy-efficient solution for homes in areas with hot desert-like weather.

Ductless and Compact Duct HVAC Systems

There are also a couple of smaller AC systems that can be installed in your home to provide energy-efficient cooling. The first option is a ductless system that can be a mini-split unit with several air handlers for the main living areas in your home. If a ductless system is not right for your home, compact duct systems use high-velocity ductwork that is the size of plumbing drain pipes. This design allows the system to be compact and improves the efficiency of your HVAC by delivering the air to your home more efficiently.

Geothermal Heat Pump HVAC Systems

If you are looking for a complete system and don't mind costs or labor, a geothermal HVAC heat pump may be right for you. These systems use the ground temperatures as a thermal exchange to improve the efficiency of heating and cooling. These systems are going to have a higher initial AC installation cost, but they have a longer life and often need fewer repairs.

The right AC installation solution for your home depends on many factors. Contact an AC installation service to discuss the cooling needs of your home and find the right design for your new air conditioning system.

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