A furnace is a great system to have in your home, as it provides the heat you need during cold weather. When a furnace works properly, you might have all the heat you need. The downside to having a furnace, though, is it might have problems that prevent it from working. If you turn your furnace on to heat your home and find that it is not working, what should you do? Here are several things you can do to see if you can narrow down the problem.

Turn the Thermostat Off and Back On

The first thing you might want to do is to go to your thermostat to make sure you have it on properly. The best way to test this is by moving the power button off and then back to heat. If the thermostat button was not all the way to heat, your furnace might not receive the signal to turn on. While you are at the thermostat, check to see what the temperature is in your home. Next, make sure you adjust the temperature to a warmer setting. If it is not set to a warmer setting, you cannot expect the furnace to turn on. While some people might fix the problem with these tips, most furnaces need more work than thermostat settings. You can talk to a furnace repair company if you cannot fix the problem through these steps.

Check the Power

The second thing a furnace repair company might suggest is checking the power. Your furnace requires power for it to work. If the furnace is not plugged in, it will not start. If the circuit is not turned to the "on" position, it also will not work. These are also some common things to check before contacting a furnace repair company. If you can fix the problem by turning the power on, you will not need to hire a company for repairs.

Look for the Pilot Light

Most furnaces have a pilot light. The pilot light stays lit all the time, and it is a necessary part of your furnace. If your pilot light is not on, you can try lighting it with a candle lighter. When you do this, aim the lighter at the pilot light and light it. If the pilot light will not light, you have a problem. If the pilot lights but will not stay lit, you also have a problem. When the pilot light will not light or stay lit, you might have a number of different problems, but a heating repair company can figure it out and fix the problem. When you call for services, you can tell them about this issue, so they can prepare for it.

Consider the Issues the Furnace Is Having

If your furnace will not start at all, it could be due to one of the problems listed here or another. If you notice that your furnace turns on but quickly shuts off, your furnace might be short cycling. Short cycling occurs when a furnace turns on and off over and over. If your furnace does this, it will not produce enough heat to meet your thermostat's setting. Instead, it will continuously turn on and off. Short cycling can occur for many reasons, but a common reason is an airflow problem. You might want to check your furnace filter to ensure that it is clean before contacting a heating repair company.

You can contact a company, like IMS Heating & Air Inc, that offers furnace repairs if you have any issues with your system. They can diagnose the issue and fix it for you in a timely manner.