If you want your heater to work well over the winter, you need to have it inspected before cold weather arrives. This ensures everything in the system is in good shape and that your heater should perform as expected for the entire winter. There's just one problem. If you wait too long to set up an appointment, you might find there are none for weeks as techs are booked up. If cold weather arrives before your appointment, that's not going to be the most comfortable period of time if it turns out your heater is not working as well as you thought it would.

More People Calling for Fewer Appointments

There's no deadline to get your heater checked in the sense that heater companies will stop doing inspections. But there is this fuzzy deadline of "get it done before temperatures get cold enough to make you go to a hotel." As the cold season approaches on the calendar, more people are going to try to make an appointment for an inspection, so you'll have more people competing for a dwindling number of open appointment times. If you call and find there are no appointments open for a while, you should still schedule one, of course. Just pay attention if you have to turn your heater on before then; you'll smell a slightly smoky odor due to dust burning off, but that should dissipate quickly. If it doesn't, turn off the heater and don't use it until the appointment.

Less Time to Spare for a Supply Delay

Should the inspection find that something needs to be repaired or replaced, you might not be able to get the part for a while thanks to ongoing supply chain issues. That would delay repairs and prevent you from using your heater until everything was fixed. The earlier you have that inspection done, the more time you'll have to allow for supply chain delays, and the easier it will be to get all the parts before the first cold snap of the season.

You Could Be Without a Heater When You Need It

It can't be stated enough. If you call very late and can't get an inspection appointment for a while, you can still use your heater if it works. But if you find it's not working that well or that something seems off, you're stuck until the heating company can get someone out to your home to take a look. There are good space heaters available, of course, but if you're in a big home with lots of people, one space heater won't be enough.

Call a heating services company for more information. You want the heater inspected thoroughly and fixed so that you can have a comfortable winter.