An HVAC system provides optimum indoor conditions when freezing temperatures set in. Despite that, your commercial heating unit will not last forever. Typically, the system's effectiveness will diminish due to age-related deterioration. In addition, a failing system creates an uncomfortable atmosphere, reducing staff productivity. So if your system has surpassed its lifespan, it's time to replace it. During an HVAC upgrade, the technician will determine the square footage of your commercial space and your needs. Then, they will recommend a system that will effectively meet your needs. Below are the reasons to upgrade your commercial HVAC system.

Better Energy Efficiency 

An HVAC system will experience wear and tear over time, impeding its efficiency. And as the unit wears down, the components will deteriorate. As a result, your aging unit will strain to deliver an average heating output, consuming more energy. In addition, old heating systems incorporate features such as single-speed blowers, which increase energy usage. Replacing an old system is the best way to deal with skyrocketing energy bills. Your HVAC contractor will help you select an energy-starred unit with energy-saving technology.

Improved Employee Health

Your ducts will wear down gradually due to temperature fluctuations and high humidity levels. Because of that, the ducts may crack, causing the infiltration of dust from the unconditioned spaces into the indoor air. This can trigger allergic reactions among your employees, which translates to increased sick time. In addition, ineffective filters can cause airborne pollutants to enter the system, which compromises indoor air quality. Therefore, upgrading your HVAC system is necessary. Your HVAC professional will recommend a unit with better anti-microbial technology and filtration.

Increased Comfort

An aging heating unit uses old technology that might not offer the needed indoor comfort. For instance, most old units produce disruptive sounds when functioning. Moreover, these units use non-programmable thermostats, limiting indoor climate control. Conversely, a new HVAC system incorporates sound-dampening features, making it ideal for a working environment. Additionally, this system uses variable-speed blowers and smart thermostats that ease operation.

Easy Maintenance and Repair

An old heating unit is prone to breakdowns. Because of that, you'll end up using a lot of cash to fix damaged components. On the other hand, a brand-new system has fewer maintenance and repair needs. Better yet, the latest systems notify you when a breakdown is imminent, enabling you to execute the appropriate repairs. In addition, a new system allows you to secure equipment and labor warranty. A manufacturer's warranty covers parts failure and service charges.

An aging HVAC system will increase your operational costs due to frequent breakdowns. Thus, contact a heating contractor to install a new unit if your current one is too old.

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