If your home seems to be getting warmer and warmer but your air conditioner is running, there are a couple of things to check. First, check the filter and change it if it's clogged. If the filter is clean, then feel the air coming out of the ducts and check for two things: the amount of airflow and the temperature of the air. 

If the airflow is low, the problem could be in the air handler, such as a problem with the blower. If the temperature isn't cold enough, the problem might be with the refrigerant level, refrigerant lines, or the condenser fan. Even if you narrow down the problem, you'll probably need a professional for your home AC repair. You may even need emergency service if it's miserably hot and stuffy. Here's what the repair technician may do.

Repair A Blower Problem

If the blower isn't putting out enough air, the problem might be restricted airflow through the air handler. This happens when the filter is clogged or dust clogs the parts in the air handler. The technician will check the blower wheel, capacitor, and motor.

If the capacitor or motor is bad, they'll probably be making an odd noise, and that helps the technician pinpoint the problem. A bad capacitor should be replaced while a bad motor might be repaired or replaced, depending on the problem.

Check The Refrigerant

If air is coming out of the ducts but it isn't very cold, the technician will probably check the refrigerant. They may check the evaporator for ice and then go outside and check the rest of the refrigerant lines for ice.

They may also measure the refrigerant in the lines. If the refrigerant has leaked out, the AC repair technician will look for the leak and plug it so the refrigerant can be filled.

Repair The Condenser Fan

The condenser fan is an important part of the condenser because it blows heat out of the condenser and away from the refrigerant coil. If the fan can't keep the refrigerant line cool, the refrigerant won't work very well and your house won't stay cool.

Just like with the blower wheel in the air handler, the condenser fan can have problems if the capacitor or fan motor is bad. Either one or both of these parts may need to be replaced so the fan starts working at full speed again.

The home AC repair technician may want to verify the condenser has enough air circulation too since proper airflow in the condenser and air handler are important for the AC to work properly.

When blockages have been cleared and parts replaced, the AC technician can start your AC again and feel the air coming out of the ducts to make sure it's chilly and blowing out at full force. Then your home will cool down quickly.

Contact a local home AC repair service to learn more.